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Photos of an unplanned visit to the railwaymuseum Selfkantbahn (D) on March 3rd 2024.

The 22nd 4M-Meeting was organized in Stuttgart (Germany) from 1st to 3rd of September 2023.

After 31 years I revisited the Zillartalbahn and the Achenseebahn (Austria). Below a few photo's. Click on the photo for more.

After a year of absence, I again participated in the annual 4M-Meeting with location Chemnitz (D). (2nd - 4th September 2022)

A short holyday to Budapest (H) from 8 to 12 march 2022 gave me the chance to visit the famous railroadmuseum and a small museum dedicated to the citymetro.

Because of the pandemic the 19th 4M-Meeting took place in Karlsruhe instead of Koln (Germany) from 12 to 13 september 2020.

The 18th 4M-Meeting took place in Villingen, Schwarzwald (Germany), from 19 to 23 September 2019.

A short spring holiday to Cascais and Lisbon (Portugal)

The 17th 4M-Meeting took place in Hamburg (Germany), from 13 to 17 September 2018.

The 16th 4M-Meeting took place in Trier (Germany) and Luxemburg, from 8 to 10 September 2017.

Click on the picture below to see all the pictures taken during a short visit to the Ferrovia Circum Etnea (Sicily, Italy) on 02-12-2016.

The 15th 4M-Meeting took place in Graz, Austria, from 1 to 4 September 2016.

ZLSM (Zuid Limburgse Stoomtrein Maatschappij) on 28 august 2016.

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The 14th 4M-Meeting took place in Bochum, Wuppertal and Dortmund, Germany, from 18 to 20 September 2015.

For more pictures and a video click here.

The 13th 4M-Meeting took place in Nürnberg, Germany, from 4 to 7 September 2014.

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The "Rheingold" on its way to and from the steamfestival "Dordt in Stoom" in Emmerich station on 24 may 2014. The train was brought to Emmerich by Centralbahn loc 1042 520 (ex ÖBB) and taken to Dordrecht by SMMR 2225 (ex NS).

The anual VSM-steamfestival took place at Beekbergen on 7 september 2013. Click on the photo for more.

Video taken on the industrial area of Emmerich on 23-8-2013.

The 12th 4M-Meeting took place in Milano Italia, from 21 to 24 March 2013.

A Bocholter Eisenbahn dieselengine 203 007 is shunting from and to  Emmerich station on 7 september 2012.

The anual 4M-Meeting took place in Utrecht and Beekbergen (NL) on 31 August and 1st September 2012. 

The NS 1200-series celebrated its 60th birthday in Amersfoort (NL) on the 12th november 2011.

New pictures from the anual 4M-meeting which took place at Prien am Chiemsee (Germany) on 2 and 3 september 2011.

MRCE-Dispolok ES64F4-106, Emmerich (D), 16-04-2011.

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189-075-5 thundering through Emmerich station with its pantographs down (16-04-2011).

DBS 189-068-0 and 189-049-0, Emmerich (D) on 16-04-2011

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SSN 01.1075 on its way from Rotterdam to Bochum-Dahlhausen passed Emmerich am Rhein on 16-04-2011.

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Two special tourist trains with holidaymakers to Austria and Switzerland came through Emmerich station (Germany) on 19-02-2011.

Museum Buurt Spoorweg (MBS), Haaksbergen (NL), 18-10-2005

Open Air Museum, Arnhem (NL), 07-07-2005

Swiss Railways, August-September 1994

Rorschach Heiden Bergbahn, Heiden (CH) 4 september 2010

RHB-video 2010

Railway Museum Jakarta, Indonesia, 27-05-1993

4M-meeting in Appenzell (CH). 3-4 september 2010

VSM Steamfestival 05-09-2009 (NL)

A Steam Special at Emmerich, Germany on 22-05-2010

Just a day at Düsseldorf HBf (D), 04-05-2010

Toronto Canada, 22-04-1998 

159 years Swiss Railways, Biasca Switserland, 15-09-1997

The historic RhB 412 at Samedan station, Switserland, 23-07-1992

A BLS train in the Kandertal, Switserland, 16-08-1994.

Innsbruck, Austria, 01-03-1989.

DB 111-072 at Garmisch-Partenkirchen station, 18-08-2007. 

NS DEII on the bridge near Oosterbeek, 19-11-1989, 

NS 2530, Amersfoort, 10-10-1987

Somewhere in Finland, summer of 1974.

The NS 1501 at Hoek van Holland harbour, autumn 1980.

NS 1133 at Hoek van Holland, autumn 1980

One of the last steamengines in Germany, september 1975.

Raetische Bahn Nr. 643 on the Albula line. Photo taken in august 1998.

VSM Steamfestival 01-09-2007.

Harzer Schmalspurbahnen HSB, Brocken (D), 12 september 2009

HSB-video 2009, part 1
HSB-video 2009, part 2
HSB-video 2009, part 3
HSB-video 2009, part 4
HSB-video 2009, part 5

VSM "Terug naar Toen", 5 september 2009

VSM-video 2009, part 1
VSM-video 2009, part 2
VSM-video 2009, part 3
VSM-video 2009, part 4

ZLSM, Simoelveld, Netherlands, 12-10-2003.

Klatovy station, Czech Republic, 9-8-2006.

Bayerisch Eisenstein station, Germany, 9-8-2006. 

Pictures were taken during the 4M-meeting in Wernigerode, Germany between 12 and 18 september 2009.

Waldbahn Almetal, Ringelstein NRW, Germany, April 2007

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